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Protect Your Creativity

About Write Vault

Who We Are & What we Do.

What we do.

Write Vault stores and timestamps documents created by writers and artists for the sole purpose of providing proof of authorship when a copyright registration may not be prudent or affordable. Once a document is uploaded, the artist/writer receives a receipt and certificate showing the date when they uploaded their work and the document is subsequently registered for 10 years. The artist/writer is also privy to which users are downloading their projects when they set their documents to 'public' access.

What we don't do.

Write Vault is not, nor pretends to be, a legally binding service that will solely protect you in cases of arbitration should your work be used without your authorization. Similar to services like the WGA East/West, our services add to your arsenal of evidence a legitimate timestamp you can present when cases of ownership or authorship go to arbitration. Owning a Copyright to your work is the first best way to protect your property, however in some cases, your work may not need to be copyrighted immediately, but still deserves some form of protection.

Why do we offer this service if a Copyright is the only true legal way to protect your work?

Have you ever written a first or second draft of something and you need a pair of eyes on it for review? Upload and protect your creativity BEFORE you send it out.

Have you ever been stuck for funds to register a copyright because the cost is prohibitive? Or maybe you want to show proof of authorship because you have had material plagiarized in the past.

WriteVault.Com fills the gap between ready to copyright and ready to share property for the purposes of feedback and review.

The Faces of WriteVault.Com

Stacy Porter
Managing Director

Originally planning to enter show business via the art department, the siren call of screenwriting pulled her off track when she realized her love for writing blended perfectly with her passion for films and filmmaking. As a screenwriter herself, Stacy brings a vested interest in protecting the intellectual property of artists in this digital age. She knows how hard the road is for artists and writers, and if she can help them by providing an affordable service like Write Vault, she's on cloud 11 (because cloud 9 was taken).

Devin Watson
Head of Development

Devin Watson was born in Brunswick, Georgia, in 1978. Growing up watching countless horror films due to many childhood maladies, he harbored a love of writing with an active imagination. Even through high school and college, graduating with a degree in Computer Science, he pursued his study of screenwriting, culminating in the production of The Cursed in 2007. He is also the author of Horror Screenwriting: The Nature of Fear. He currently has no plans to grow up or let The Man grind him down.